Did Seth Cohen Love Blair Waldorf at First Sight?

Anyone who watched either The O. On The O. This makes the fact that Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have managed to build a strong, unwavering adult marriage in real life, far away from the media and its prying eyes, all the more intriguing — and impressive. By being the complete opposites of their on-screen characters, the actors have crafted a very mature, very healthy relationship that we can all learn from. Given how young and impressionable both actors were at the time, their roles could have certainly had a negative impact on their outlook on love. She never let it knock her down, however, and instead used those experiences to learn, grow and better herself. A year later, they took everyone by surprise when they tied the knot in a super secret wedding. When the couple welcomed their first baby, Arlo Day Brody, in September , it was more of the same, as they kept mum on the subject and took their time to share the sex and name of their bundle of joy.

Watch Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf fall in love in our supercut

What’s that you say? Seth and Blair are fictional characters and only the actors who played them, Adam Brody and Leighton Meester, are holding hands and making plans? Shut up with that noise! This is the moment many me have dreamed of: a cross-over romance between “The O.

Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf dating? Leighton Meester and Adam Brody spotted “Hugging and laughing” in County Museum of Art (friday.

In the most exciting celebrity gossip news I have heard all year, and also possibly ever, Leighton Meester aka Blair Waldorf is dating Adam Brody the one and only Seth Cohen. After a rocky that saw the end of Amy Poehler and Will Arnett, as well as Seal and Heidi Klum, my faith in celebrity relationships was shaken, but this completely perfect pairing has restored my faith, at least for now.

The two Josh Schwarz show alums met on the set of The Oranges , a movie I had previously never heard of but will now definitely have to watch. Also, the supporting cast includes Allison Janney and Alia Shakwat , which gives me high hopes. Obviously Leighton and Adam are real people with personalities quite different from those of their characters, but this news got me thinking — if Blair Waldorf met Seth Cohen, would they have dated? I always thought Blair could have benefited from a boyfriend a little more wholesome than Chuck, and I think Seth would have fit the bill perfectly.

His laid back West Coast attitude could have helped mellow out her New York neuroses. What if Serena had followed through with her plan to move to California? I think these two would have had a very happy life together, living on the beach and raising a lot of very blonde children. Had Marissa Cooper ever traveled to New York instead of being taken out in a car crash, I think she would have hit it off with Chuck Bass. Plus, rich kids with moderate drinking problems need to stick together.

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Blair Waldorf Marries Seth Cohen

Blair Waldorf Cohen? Can you imagine those two trying to negotiate a divorce settlement? We could imagine why Blair might need a caring shoulder to cry on.

The IRL wedding of Blair Waldorf off of Gossip Girl and Seth Cohen off of The OC (Leighton Meester and Adam Brody to their m8z) was % without doubt the.

Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen forever! Leighton Meester and Adam Brody are the real-life crossover couple that television has blessed Us with. The Gossip Girl alum and the former O. Although they generally keep their romance under wraps, the pair have shared sweet sentiments about each other over the years. The Single Parents star later told Shape magazine in March that she loves her life at home with Brody and their daughter, Arlo. Literally I do the heavy lifting.

The actors, who both starred on hit series produced by Josh Schwartz , met on set of The Oranges in Meester and Brody later worked together again in on Life Partners. Meester and Brody walked their first red carpet as a married couple at the Tony Awards in June , just four months after the romantic occasion.

Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen Are Engaged!

The lovable, witty, comic book reading, indie music listening, outcast of Orange County played by Adam Brody. Boys everywhere wanted to be Seth Cohen, and girls everywhere wanted to date him. He made being nerdy cool, he made it sexy.

As we love The O.C. and Gossip Girl, we decided to imagine what it would have been like if these characters ever dated.

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Adam Brody and Leighton Meester still dress up as Seth Cohen and Blair Waldorf…

Adam Brody is giving a rare glimpse into his family life with Leighton Meester. While they do make the occasional red carpet appearance together, the couple tends to keep their private life off of social media. We don’t go to a lot of things that perhaps we could, and don’t seek out promotion in that way,” the Ready or Not actor tells GQ.

But we’ve found this great balance so far that really works for us. We’re also not very active on social media.

Blair Cornelia Waldorf and Seth Ezekiel Cohen were married recently His mother is co-founder of the high-income dating service NewMatch.

Leighton Meester will always be a TV and fashion icon, because she brought so much sass and style to the role of Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. Adam Brody rose to fame playing Seth Cohen on another juicy prime time soap. The O. Both actors are still doing well in showbiz, but may never be as famous as they were while they were dazzling audiences in Gossip Girl and The O.

When Leighton and Adam got together, they became a perfect couple, right out of central casting. Both were attractive, young and popular.

What Would Blair Waldorf Wear to Marry Seth Cohen?

Remember me? Wait, what? Please be careful with our fangirl hearts!

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody on That Seth Cohen-Blair Waldorf Marriage Joke. By Alyssa Bailey. Jun 29,

OK, so not the actual Blair and Seth, just the people who play both characters, as it’s been reported that Adam Brody and Leighton Meester have tied the knot in a secret ceremony. So, seeing as we love The O. As with all great on-screen romances, Seth would begin with admiring her from afar. Inevitably he would try to be friendly, but in classic Blair style, she’d have none of it.

He’d even try to convince her that because they like the same foods they’re meant to be together. Even when she doesn’t actually like burritos. At some point though, they’d get to hang out. But then, being Seth Cohen, he’d crack and he’d have to tell her how he feels.

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody on That Seth Cohen-Blair Waldorf Marriage Joke

For one, Josh Schwartz created both shows and has himself thrown around some fan fiction about how Nate Archibald and Taylor Townsend ended up together. So why not Seth and Blair? They both come from rich families, and they both know all the ingredients of a good bat mitzvah, not to mention that the Cohens are one of those rare California families that knows how to appreciate a quality bagel. Plus, Seth has experience when it comes to seeing through the popular-girl facade and getting to know more about someone.

And Blair? Private school in New York City looks a lot different and a lot paler than private school in Orange County.

their beloved TV characters, Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen. Gossip Girl characters Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) and Serena Van Der.

By Anna Moeslein. Whether or not you’re a theater nut, the Tony Awards can be counted on to take over New York City and bring some serious glamour—after all, musical-theater kids love a costume. Jennifer Hudson picked a simple long Kaufmanfranco column of silver palettes in varying size. My favorite part, visible in this slightly-turned-to-the-side angle, are the nude sheer panels at the side. They streamline the silhouette and help an all-sequin gown from feeling too bulky.

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Kate Mara’s signature bold style was on display, and she skipped a. By Leah Melby Clinton.

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody: A Timeline of Their Relationship

It’s like all of our teenage dreams — and simultaneously, all of our teenage nightmares — are coming true. Sure, we’ve known they were dating for a while — but with neither currently starring in a teen soap opera, it hasn’t always been at the forefront of our thoughts. Hard to believe, we know. I mean, what the hell!

Slide 1 of Blair Waldorf and Seth Cohen forever! The Gossip Girl alum and the former O.C. star met in and started dating in

Adam Brody and Leighton Meester were spotted “hugging and laughing” at an art museum over the weekend and were previously seen out together in December of last year. Isn’t he a womanizer? Pink spoke to Redbook about what makes her — oh, oh, oh — beautiful:. Feeling beautiful to me is when I feel good in my leather pants and my husband grabs my ass. Or when I’m sitting on a mat and my daughter runs to me with complete joy. Beautiful has never been my goal. Joy is my goal — to feel healthy and strong and powerful and useful and engaged and intelligent and in love.

Does Ed Westwick prefer Blair or Serena?

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