Warframe Matchmaking Not Working

You play as the ancient warrior race of Tenno, cryogenically awakened to find themselves in an all out war with three other factions, the Grineer, Corpus and the Infected. Getting your hands on some of the more advanced weapons either requires spending precious resources for the weapons outright, or hunting, scavenging and getting ruddy lucky to find their blueprints out in the wild. To complete each blueprint requires specific, often rare, materials that must be farmed as well as a hefty non premium fee and 12 hours to complete. The first few missions ease you in gently with objectives that are simple to perform, even on your own, yet soon step up in difficulty to a point where either playing stealthily or in a party is a must for success. Fortunately, Warframe supports coop play for up to four people, with each mission showing a counter of how many people are currently playing. Each of the 17 individual Warframes have their own powers, health and armour values, movement speed and appearance.

matchmaking ping limit warframe

Anyone have an idea of what is considered a good number to put on your Ping Setting? I understand the higher the number the further you can reach others, but it also means you run the possibility of lagging. Right now I have it set at Would that be considered high? I’ve heard is a good limit though, and I will probably change it to that some time soon.

Warframe Random MatchMaking PvP Conclave Nova [02/01/] csgo out your feelings after abuse matchmaking ping limit warframe that i.

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Setting Your Ping

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Warframe Store Page. Global Achievements. The author of this topic has marked a post as the answer to their question. Click here to jump to that post. Originally posted by [88th] ColPresumptuous :. Showing 1 – 4 of 4 comments. Diamser View Profile View Posts. I have it set to and still get lagfests so no.

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The logic behind the system is kinda simple, it will look for a host in the range from your ping and your ping selected in the options, if it finds one, you will join to the squad, if there is none that meet the criteria, you will be the host, and the countdown to start the mission will begin, if you cancel the mission before the countdown starts, you won’t be the host, that’s it. Now the big question: How i was matched with a host with really bad ping? Your real ping is higher than the one that you selected in the options, it seems that the systems follows a sort of rule and this can mess up its logic.

When there are almost no hosts available that meet your criteria, the system takes itself as reference, and then checks your ping and the closest host ping, and assumes something like “if both can connect to the region at xxx ping, they should be fine right?

to inclusive (Typically Matchmaking and Hi there Ladies and Gents, The configuration can be easily adjusted and new limits and priorities applied at any Low latency is key for great gaming performance, but improving your ping on I just got a new Netgear Nighthawk router to hopefully improve my Warframe.

Well, if the MM system cannot locate anyone with that ping inside the pre-set limit of searching time then it will slide up the scale until it does. The balancing act is one of time versus latency. How long will you be willing to wait to assemble 3 others inside your ping limit? I am quite sure this is a subject of on-going adjustment inside DE.

There are MANY factors affecting it, not least of which is geographical location. Your expectation of a ping across available players in any particular node at any particular time in your particular area may not be realistic. Last edited by Tigerlight ; 12 Aug, 9: There are hundreds of thousands of people with pings less than ms to me. I don’t want the matchmaker to be waiting for anything.

That’s why it has a count down of 10 seconds. And then some people join after the game started, too. I would rather see less than full groups sometimes, than playing with huge ping. Keep in mind that this condition is not guaranteed – if it takes more time than usual MM won’t consider honeymoon period.

Matchmaking ping limit warframe

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What’s a good ping setting?

A lot of players have been complaining about Warframe lag. The problem seems unending by there are a few workarounds that will help you significantly reduce the issue. To make things precise, Kill Ping is now officially supporting the game and will make sure none of the players who are facing lag are left behind.

Well, if the MM system cannot locate anyone with that ping inside the pre-set limit of searching time then it will slide up the scale until it does. The balancing act is.

By Nitro , December 11, in General. And then, half of the time I host something, people complain of lag! It’s getting to a point where trying to play this game with a squad is nigh impossible simply because the matchmaking is almost broken. I don’t care if there are people from Papua New Guinea hosting matches in the US server region, if I set a ping limit, then the matchmaking should work accordingly.

It checks the ping to the host only 1 time. If you by chance have a ping below your set value it will match, no matter how the hosts’ actual ping may be. For example if I like a host limit my ping to , noone “Cant” join in my session who have higher ping than So no matter how you limit your ping, other players who have default limit ping will joined in your squad. Nitro matchmaking only checks which players have similar range of ping so if that matches before starting mission then players will joined in hosters squad, but after all players start mission ping cannot be same to anyone in squad cuz each of use play on own PC with diff connections and diff ISP providers and diff range from hoster.

I’m also experiencing this issue frequently. I have my ping limit set to and yet am constantly queued up with ping hosts making even basic things like navigating the map a mess, every door feels like waiting at an elevator. Awesome, right? There are some small bugs here and there and other minor inconveniences with menus etc. When it works, its really fun.

Artemis set PING LIMIT, PLEASE !

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